Carolina Marchuk

About the designer

Carolina Marchuk is a graduate of the Department of Textiles and Clothing of Fine Arts in Lodz. She made her debut in 2010, her collection of “In My Mind”. Her next collection, “Machu Picchu,” which was founded in 2012, is a graduation collection. She has won numerous awards and honors, among other things in competitions such as the Golden Thread 2012, Off Fashion in Kielce and Radom Fashion Show. She has participated in shows at Warsaw Fashion Street and the Poznan International Fair. Marchuk Carolina’s style is distinctive and unconventional; her clothes are original, characterized by combining vibrant colors, like paintings. She wants to create projects that one does not meet on the street. She wants Polish fashion to evolve and become more bold and colorful.

Description of the collection

“Machu Picchu” is a women’s clothing and footwear collection for spring-summer inspired by the exotic atmosphere of the city of Machu Picchu – one of the wonders of the world also known as the Golden City. The inspiration for the collection is the stepped architecture passing through the city, the history of declaring that it was the Sun God shrine, which has been overgrown by the jungle and forgotten (until 1870). The collection is characterized by a combination of tropical floral design in contrasting colors, geometrical cuts and included in the design, combined with gold surfaces. It complements the subtle flesh color. The collection is lively and cheerful, designed for all women who feel young, wish to express their personality by expressive, unconventional clothing and simply enjoy fashion.

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